Diet Plans Failures

Why Almost All Fat Loss Diet Plans Fail

Virtually one hundred percent of fat loss diet plans are unsuccessful for 3 primary reasons. This article discusses all three reasons and provides in-depth explanations of why fat loss diet plans usually fail.

1) 98% of fat loss diet plans don’t work because they are based on present times as opposed to our unique physiology.

Humans have not always been blessed with reliable food sources on a day to day basis, so our bodies have maintained its mechanisms to maintain functioning during times when food was scarce.

In terms of human history, the refrigerator is a relatively modern invention, and there weren’t always fast food restaurants on every corner. Actually, our predecessors struggled to find food on a daily basis, with the only alternative being not to eat. It was not uncommon for our ancestors to go many days between meals.

Since food was often scarce, the human body had to develop ways to manage starvation so that the species could survive. The human body adapted by lowering its metabolic rate and storing extra calories as fat when food was available.

This fat could then be burned for energy when food was not available. Unfortunately, although most people in developed countries have food readily available, the human body has still retained this mechanism for dealing with starvation.

Therefore, if you try to lose weight by substantially cutting the number of calories you consume, you will just activate your body’s famine responses that will impede your progress.

Once your metabolic rate is lowered, your body will increase its fat storing processes and curtail fat burning. Furthermore, your body will metabolize lean muscle for energy.

2) 98% of fat loss diet plans fail because they fail to deal with hunger.

All fat loss diet plans that curtail caloric intake will cause you to constantly feel all of the pains and aches that come with being hungry. As a result, you will constantly be thinking about your next meal.

How long do you really think you can last on such a fat loss diet plan?

I will guess that the answer is not for very long. You will have to deal with hunger anytime you are one on of these fat loss diet plans, and you can only rid yourself of hunger by eating a normal diet.

I doubt that anyone could survive long term dealing with constant hunger pains; I don’t personally know any person that would be able to do it.

Do you really believe you can lose weight permanently using fat loss diet plans that can’t work and can’t be maintained?

I seriously doubt it!

3) The combination of not eating and feeling hungry results in the worst case scenario, which is the third reason 98% of the fat loss diet plans are not successful.

Once you are forced to quit these restrictive fat loss diet plans, you will be in for more bad news.

Your fat loss diet plan has programmed your body to decrease its fat burning processes and activate fat storage. As soon as you resume a normal diet, you will pack on pounds faster than you did before you started the fat loss diet plan, which produces the vicious cycle of “yo-yo dieting”.

Worse still, any weight that you might possible lose on one of these fat loss diet plans will come from water and lean muscle loss. You may have dropped a few pounds, but little of it would be body fat.

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