Benefits of Alkaline Water

Benefits of Alkaline Water

There are three main benefits of alkaline water:

1. It is a powerful antioxidant. People spend hundreds of pounds a month purchasing antioxidants because they are anti-diseases, anti-aging, anti-cancer, which they accomplish through neutralizing free radicals.

Free Radical damage causes us to age and causes disease. Since Ionized Water is a liquid antioxidant, it is easily absorbed into the body which makes it much more effective and a powerful antioxidant.

2. Ionized Water Balances body pH because it is very alkaline. Our diet is often extremely acidic . Soft drinks, fast foods & processed foods deposit acid waste in our bodies that builds up over time and creates an ideal environment for diseases of all kinds to thrive. Look at any cancer patient for instance and their bodies are invariably acidic to some degree.

This is, of course, true even with children. Chronic soft drink consumers such as children put themselves in grave danger by allowing their bodies to build up acid waste. Many end up with serious diseases at a very young age. Maintaining an alkaline pH (6.9-7.2) helps us to maintain an environment in our bodies that is NOT conducive to disease.

It may take years depending on how acidic your body is, but Ionized Water, because of its alkaline properties, will flush acid waste from our bodies.

3. Ionized Water is much more hydrating than conventional water. It contains only five to six water molecules instead of the ten to thirteen that conventional water molecule clusters have. It has changed from an irregular shape that is 10-13 molecules to a hexagonal regular shape that is half the size.

This smaller or “reduced” water is much more hydrating than conventional water. There are two consequences of this. First, Ionized Water is much more hydrating than conventional water and, second, Ionized Water extremely detoxifying.

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Other Important Benefits of Alkaline Water

Ionized water can benefit your health in numerous amazing ways! The powerful water ionizers will transform your tap water into alkaline water.

  • Your body cells get more oxygen from ionized water
  • This kind of water is up to 6 times more hydrating than normal water
  • Being a powerful antioxidant the ionized water will remove toxins from your body
  • Ionized water enhances mental clarity and concentration
  • This kind of water will give you more energy
  • Ionized water increases general well being

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